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Berlin Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012

"I would say, Berlin is really seen globally as an emerging market of talent. I mean, as you are probably aware there are more design schools in the city of Berlin than anywhere else," Levy said.

"When we started organising this event in 2007 it was about the potential. It wasn't about what was here and our goal at that point was, how can we take a market place that was really all about creativity and organise it in a relevant way so that talent could be really glimpsed by the market place," he added.
Levy, who with IMG has stayed with Berlin Fashion Week since 2007 says the shows offer the fashion industry a vital opportunity to catch fashion potential in its earliest stages.

"You have got more international people realising you have got - especially people that are in the fashion business, not, that are discovering fashion's future - realising you've gotta be here to see it at the beginning and make these people at least part of your consideration set to track and to follow," Levy said.
According to Levy some 400,000 visitors are attracted to Berlin because of the Fashion Week, generating, in Levy's words, "almost a quarter of a billion dollars."
"Hats off to the talent and the city and everything else - it's become sustainable and it's growing," Levy added about the annual event.

Guido Maria Kretschmer

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