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Nina Ricci RTW Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week

 Nina Ricci RTW Spring 2013 - The show opener — a black jacket and skirt with a fishnet top accessorized with a harness.
“Paris fashion has many things,” Copping said. “It’s elegant, chic, but it doesn’t have an element of street culture.” Details :

The bones of Copping’s living doll aesthetic stayed with bias-cut dresses, prim skirts and cardigans cut from the finest fabrics. But these fancy ladies have been to a party. Fishnet was recurring, not only on hosiery but also worked into the print of a transparent trench, the open weave of a fitted sweater and up the back of skinny pants. Traditional French tropes, such as polka dots, point d’esprit and tweed suits, were given the loud, London spirit, the latter shown in glowing iridescents.

Spunky and unexpected though it was, there was a lingering feeling that Copping was under pressure to get in on the sexy grit that seems to sell. If that was the case, he has to be careful not to go too far. Still, he rose to the challenge, framing the subversive swinging elements in femininity and glamourclick here see full collection.

click here see full collection.

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Mugler Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 Paris

Mugler RTWSpring Summer 2013 

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