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Felipe Oliveira Baptista Autumn/Winter 2012-13, Paris Fashion Week

FASHION DESIGNER FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA is the man who put the sass into Lacoste following his appointment as its creative director in August 2010.

Collection - bold primary bright patches, super-tight leather leggings with stomp stomp wedge-platform grey boots and plenty of caps to be able to keep an eye on everyone from under.

Reduced zebra prints showed off this girl's wild side too - the music also, all whoop whoop and sirens, did this too. It was grit with gloss - patent panels used throughout on top-heavy tunic tops and boiler-suits , and gloves that went all the way up the arm to show that this girl means business.

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Nicolas Andreas Taralis Autumn/Winter 2012-13, Paris Fashion Week

Nicolas Andreas Taralis Autumn/Winter 2012-13
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Damir Doma Autumn /Winter 2012-13, Paris Fashion Week

Damir Doma Autumn /Winter 2012-13

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See by Chloe Autumn Winter 2012-13, Paris Fashion Week

See by Chloe  Autumn Winter 2012-13, Paris Fashion Week

See by Chloe  Autumn Winter 2012-13 - The first section offered classic See by Chloe fare: silk tops, blouses and dresses with delicate pin-tucks worn with stiff cotton jackets and fine gauge knits. The second part of the show brought some more interesting textures – with bouclette jumpers, shearling jackets and quilted demin adding the fun the See customer is looking for.

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Chanel’s Plume fine-jewelry collection

Chanel fashion  news :Chanel’s Plume fine-jewelry collection—with its cascading earrings and a diamond-encrusted bow necklace—evokes the sophisticated style of artist Tamara de Lempicka. A casual ’do would corrupt such divine elegance, so hairstylist Teddy Charles decided to go for an old-school glamour. Using a small-barrel curling iron and a touch of shine wax for polish, he created finger waves, then pinned each one in alternating directions. Hair set like this is usually just that—on temporary hold until the curls are “set” and ready to be brushed out. Sometimes, however, the best art is made along the way. “The hair looks almost like that of a statue,” Charles says. “When you keep the pins in, it’s very thirties—but in a really modern, sexy way.” (
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Derek Lam Creates T-shirt for Cause

Designer Derek Lam has designed a limited edition T-shirt for Brain Injury Awareness Month, which officially starts Thursday. To highlight the importance of helmet laws and concussion prevention, the designer sketched an artistic take on a brain and a helmet. All proceeds will benefit programs and services run by Opportunity Project, which helps people with brain injuries. The Milburn, N.J.-based nonprofit is selling 250 units of the $30 item through its Web site during the month of March. The Brain Injury Association of America and the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey also collaborated on the project.

Derek Lam and eBay are teaming up for the first ever “crowdsourced” fashion event. Dubbed simply “Derek Lam + eBay,” the event consists of 16 unique designs by Lam. Fans will log on and vote for their favorites. The top five winners will go on sale in May. The line is aimed at fans of Lam’s work who want/need more affordable options. All pieces are priced from $125 to not more than $2,950. Sizes will range from 0 to 16. Lam’s work typically goes for anywhere from just under a thousand dollars to almost $1,700. More elaborate gowns can cost even more.

In an era plagued by recession, where consumer deal-seeking behavior is at its peak, a crowdsourced initiative like this paired with affordable prices could have a bright future. Crowdsourcing, for those who’ve never heard of it, is the process of soliciting aid (financial, imaginative, etc.) from a large group of people, rather than relying on a small team. Says Michael Fink, dean of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s fashion school: “EBay gets 16 million hits a day. I mean, come on, 16 million people are not walking through a store every day.”
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Anthony Vaccarello Autumn/Winter 2012-13, Paris Fashion Week

Anthony Vaccarello Autumn/Winter 2012-13

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